The Counseling & Health Center (CHC) is here for you:

Our main focus is and continues to be the care and safety of our patients. We continue with our commitment to ensure that we do everything to provide support to our patients especially during these stressful times.  Our providers have continues to remain available for their patients via telemedicine services.  If you have any preexisting mental health conditions, we encourage you to continue to follow your treatment plan. If you develop any new symptoms, please call us at 909-391-3051 during office hours and after hours please call 714-325-5621.

Our offices are open.

As of March 19, all our offices remain open and we will continue to provide services via telemedicine to ensure the safety of our patients. 

Telemedicine Policy

Effective immediately, if you wish to utilize the telemedicine option and if your provider identifies it as clinically appropriate, can receive service without prior insurance verification required. If your provider agrees that telemedicine is the best option for your, our support staff will assist you with scheduling the appointment. We strongly believe that in light of the COVID-19, insurance carriers will acknowledge services provided via telemedicine. 

What to do if you are experiencing symptoms:

We encourage any patients that are exhibiting any symptoms such as a fever, cough or shortness of breath, or have traveled out of the country in the past 14 days, please call our office to discuss this.

Appointment cancellations:

We certainly recognize this time as a very stressful time for many of our patients as you do your best to care for you mental health wellbeing.  As such, we encourage you to consider changing the method of you appointments to a telemedicine appointment in an effort to maintain your health while continuing to receive your mental health services.  To offer further support to our patients and the community, at this time any late appointment cancellations as related to COVID-19 will not negatively affect your ability to schedule future appointments, nor will you be assessed a missed session fee. 

Currently there are orders in place restrict access to non-essential services.  However, mental health services are identified as essential services and as such, our office will remain open.

Our support staff will continue to reach out to all patients who have upcoming appointments so that their appointments can be changed to telemedicine, if they prefer.  Additionally any new appointments that are to be scheduled will be scheduled via telemedicine.




Telemedicine is a service provided in the mental health sector that is effective, convenient, and confidential.  Telemedicine services also meet the standard of care expectation as for that of a traditional face-to-face office visit, without the risk of exposure to a potential illness or virus; which remains a concern for all at this time.



Once you have made your appointment.  Your assigned provider will contact you via telephone or videoconferencing at your scheduled appointment time.  At the completion of your telephone session, please contact the office to make arrangements for your next scheduled appointment. 


We thank all of you for your patience and cooperation with these recent changes. 


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